In a partnership with Hall’s Auto in Pleasant Mount Pennsylvania, the “Runco Brothers” as we are often called, are quickly becoming very well known in the community.  Looking for a reliable preowned vehicle can be a tedious and often challenging process.  However, it is our goal to provide our expertise to make this process less of a burden and more of an opportunity, just as it should be.  Our promise is to make every effort to assist you in your next vehicle purchase and find you a vehicle that not only fits your needs, but also puts a smile on your face each time you drive it. We specialize in budget conscious customers who are looking for a preowned vehicle under the $7500 mark, however, we certainly can acquire any vehicle that you desire.

Our experience in all aspects of the auto world has lead us to believe that selling a vehicle is not the end of the relationship with our customers, it’s just the beginning.  We stay in touch with hundreds of our customers to make sure they know, we have their backs.  Each and every one of our customers have our personal contact information.  We want them to always have access to get their questions and concerns answered and resolved.  Call, Text, Facebook, Email, Fax….you could even send us a letter if you can find a stamp, we will always get back to you!

I mentioned our experience before, we certainly have plenty of it…


Ed has worked in the automobile industry since he was 15.  In fact he started working at Hall’s Auto as one of his very first jobs.  After going to Penn State University, Ed moved to Pittsburgh where he worked for Kenny Ross Ford as an Automotive Technician.  Following that, he moved to Indiana Pennsylvania, where he worked for Colonial Motors as a Mazda Master Technician for several years.  Ed then returned to Hall’s Auto as their General Manager and Automotive Technician and has been there ever since.  During the time at Hall’s, Ed entered another part of the auto industry as an outside sales consultant for multiple dealerships in New York and Pennsylvania which he continued for several years.


After graduating from Penn State University in 2003, Chris began his work within the automotive industry.  In 2004 he was employed with Norco Motors, as a sales consultant, later to be promoted to Internet Manager when searching and buying vehicles online was really starting to take off.  The business closed it’s doors in 2007 and Chris went on to several corporate positions with Watermark,  CIT Financial, and AT&T.  Each of these opportunities were customer facing and business relationship positions that helped build his ability to truly assist people and understand their needs.  Following this Chris and Ed started working together for the first time, both being employed as outside sales consultants for several large franchise dealerships.

Working together they realized that they had the knowledge and opportunity to build a business themselves and so began Runco Brothers.  Our goal was to make the business not about making money, but to make it about helping people and in turn build a loyalty that would let our business grow.  It is certainly apparent that we have succeeded, as more then half of our vehicles sold currently, are from referred customers who believe in our vision.

Let us help you as well.  Give us a call or better yet come in and say “Hello”.  We would love to meet you.